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Footprints Activity Sessions
                  NOON –
                              Blanket Exercise, participants must be registered for the 10:50 am session to participate.
                  2:00 p.m.
                              Boardwalks, Beavers & Birdbaths
                              Hinton has one of the most magnificent boardwalks amongst nature, featuring Canadian nature at
                              its best – Birds and Beavers.  Take a walk in the ‘park’ with local hosts for an outdoor view you will
                  Continuous   never forget.  Bring your phones to connect to nature, do not call home, take a picture to create
                  Bus Loop Noon   lasting memories as you make ‘Footprints in the Foothills’.
                  – 1:45pm
                              Urban Poling: Revolutionizing the Way We Walk
                              Mandy Johnson, Alberta Ambassador for Urban Poling, will offer a turbo-charged demonstration
                              session using the walking paths of Hinton to guide her.  This outdoor session will change your
                  Meet at
                              walking experience and highlight benefits of Nordic walking teaching different styles, the fitness
                  Hinton Centre
                              technique and the specialized ‘Urban Poling’ technique for rehabilitation and wellness.  You will
                              walk stronger and longer after participating in this session.  Limited registration, equipment is

                              ‘Yogi Bear’ Yoga: Hinton Campground
                              Take action in the foothills!  Participate in an outdoor yoga session at the Hinton Campground.
                              Bring your ‘pi-ci-nic’ basket lunch and yoga mat to improve your health and happiness.  Participants
                  Campground   will connect with nature and their inner spirit while engaging in a variety of yoga poses.  Relax and
                              take a moment during the conference to re-connect with your inner self.

                              Museum Meander: Northern Rockies Museum of Culture & Heritage
                              The Northern Rockies Museum of Culture and Heritage is Hinton’s newest tourist attraction! The
                  Bus Loop from   museum in housed inside a historic 1911 Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Station.  Brand new exhibits
                  Hinton Centre   feature industry, railway, communication, as well as Hinton and area history.  The station house
                  Noon –      boasts a gift shop with unique finds.  Come and visit this exciting discovery - prepare to play games,
                  1:45pm      enjoy hands on activities and a unique snack of pemmican and bannock.  This experience is unique
                              and  will  offer  history  buffs  an  opportunity  to  connect  with  the  past  while  making  memories  in

                  2:00 p.m.   Nutrition Break
                  Hinton Centre
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