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Enabling the Mobility of Seniors: Insights from a Provincial Survey and Learnings from
                              Two Rural Community-Based Projects
                              Bonnie Dobbs, PhD, Professor, Director; Tara Lee Pidborochynski, MSc, Assistant Director; Emily
                              Hussey, BSc, Research Assistant – Medically At Risk Driver Centre (MARD)
                              Al Roth, Director of Operations, Town of Pincher Creek; Doug Thornton, Councillor, Town of Pincher
                              Creek – Pincher Creek Transportation Committee

                              Lack of access to responsive forms of transportation often results in an inability to access many
                              important community-based services resulting in decreases in quality of life, reductions in or loss of
                              independence, increases in social isolation, and an inability to ‘age in place’.  The availability of
                  Hinton Centre   alternate transportation services, particularly in rural Alberta, is needed to promote the mobility of
                  North Salon   many seniors and persons with disabilities (PWD).

                              In this session, MARD will share the results from the 2016-2017 Provincial Transportation Needs
                              Assessment (with results available for each of the 5 provincial zones).  Representatives from the
                              Wetaskiwin Community Transportation Society will then share learnings on the implementation of
                              ride-scheduling software.  Next, representatives from the Pincher Creek Transportation Committee
                              will provide an overview of how the use of the Transportation Toolkit has facilitated the
                              development of more responsive transportation for seniors and PWD.  Collectively, the
                              presentations provide attendees with information they can use to support their work in the
                              development of an age-friendly community.

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                  Hinton Centre
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