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Elder Abuse Prevention and Intervention: A Holistic Approach to Supporting Safe
                              Communities for Older Adults
                              Ashley Corcoran, BSW, RSW; Nicole Dowling, MSW, RSW; Jenna Powell, MSW, RSW – Elder Abuse
                              Prevention Program, Carya

                              Carya’s Elder Abuse Prevention program recognizes the value of providing safe communities for
                              older adults to flourish and we believe in using preventative methods to support this. The program
                  Centre      focuses on three pillars of service: direct work with older adults facing low to moderate risk, a
                              streamlined anonymous consultation service to support social workers and other service providers
                              in the community, and awareness raising of elder abuse through community education and
                              professional training.

                              The Elder Abuse Prevention program supports older adults affected by abuse who may not require
                              police and court intervention. By increasing social supports and resources for older adults, coupled
                              with public awareness and consultation, we aim to reduce the risk of escalation and prevalence of
                              elder abuse in our community.  This presentation will create an opportunity for in-depth discussion
                              to encourage communities to develop similar elder abuse prevention programs throughout Alberta

                  10:25 a.m.   Nutrition Break and Exhibits
                  Hinton Centre

                  10:50 a.m.   CONCURRENT BREAKOUT SESSIONS

                              The Blanket Exercise
                              Renay Woelfing, First Nations, Metis, Inuit Facilitator - Grande Yellowhead Public School Division

                              NOTE: This session extends into the lunch hour.  Participants will have time to pick up bagged
                              lunch and continue this session.

                              The Blanket Exercise is a participatory workshop in which participants will experience over 500
                  Centre      years of history by taking on the roles of Indigenous peoples in Canada.  Standing on blankets that
                              represent the land, participants will walk through time and explore the impacts of colonization,
                              treaty-making, and modern legislation.

                              The blanket exercise is concluded by a facilitated debriefing in which participants have the
                              opportunity to discuss the experience as a group.  By engaging participants on an emotional level,
                              this workshop is a powerful tool for increasing empathy and understanding.
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