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8:30 a.m.
                              Welcome and Opening Remarks
                  Hinton Centre   Honourable Lori Sigurdson, Minister of Seniors and Housing
                  Grand Hall

                  9:15 a.m.   CONCURRENT BREAKOUT SESSIONS
                              Age Friendly Edmonton 2.0: Mobilizing for Community Impact
                              Sheila Hallett, BA – Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council
                              Ingrid Hoogenboom, BSW, RSW – Citizen Services, City of Edmonton
                  Barrows Safety
                              The World Health Organization (WHO) recognized the City of Edmonton in 2010 as part of the
                  Training    Global Network for Age-Friendly Cities and Communities.  In 2013 the City, Edmonton Seniors
                  Centre      Coordinating Council and a collaborative group of stakeholders began an ambitious five-year work
                              plan to make Edmonton a city that values, respects and actively supports the safety, diversity and
                              well-being of seniors.

                              This presentation will describe what Age-Friendly Edmonton (AFE) has learned so far in its journey
                              and the prioritization process we used to take stock of progress and refine our efforts for the

                              AFE 2.0 will refocus on building strategic relationships and taking collaborative actions to mobilize,
                              influence, and spark innovative activities in priority areas of aging in place: diversity,
                              intergenerational programming, and ageism.

                              The Office of the Seniors Advocate: What We’re Hearing
                              Sheree T. Kwong See, PhD, Alberta Seniors Advocate; Leslie Sorenson, Seniors Advocate
                              Representative – Office of the Seniors Advocate

                  Hinton Centre   The Office of the Seniors Advocate supports senior Albertans and their families by providing
                  South Salon   information and putting forward recommendations to the Government of Alberta to improve
                              senior services and programs.
                              In this session, participants will learn about what the office does, how systemic issues are
                              identified, and what trends have been identified to date. Participants will also leave with a greater
                              understanding of how they might interface with the Office in their daily work.

                              Boomers and Balance
                              Dr. Karyn Klut, BSc, DC, DACNB – Gateway Chiropractic
                              When we think about our pre-retirement and retirement years, we envision living a dynamic and
                              energetic life.  However, flexibility, balance and energy levels decline and it is accepted that this is a
                              “normal” part of getting older.
                  Hinton Centre
                  North Salon   The truth is we have to work hard to maintain and improve our long term quality of life.  It is
                              important to engage the pre-senior and senior population in healthy lifestyle activities that
                              encourage movement, standing tall, suitable nutrition, stability, and a positive attitude toward
                              aging. By focusing on posture, balance, and joint mobility (especially of the spine) we can maintain
                              and improve on activities of daily living, and increase our longevity/quality of life by making what
                              we envision a reality.  This presentation will include tips and tools on improving posture, balance,
                              and mobility.  Fall prevention, walking (gait) instability and the fear of falling will also be discussed.
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