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Susan Aglukark

                                                         Keynote Speaker - Susan Aglukark
                                                  Award Winning Singer-Songwriter | Speaker

                                            Susan Aglukark is one of Canada’s most unique and

                                             most honored artists. An Inuk from Arviat, Nunavut,

                                              Susan has been walking in a tension between two
      FEATURED SPEAKER                         worlds, a defining note in her remarkable career.

                                                               Dr. Dave Hepburn M.D

                                                           Host of "Buy.O.Logic show

                                                     Keynote Speaker - Dr. Dave Hepburn

                                                             Physician | TV Host | Author

                                                      Dr. Dave Hepburn M.D. was the host of

                                             "Buy.O.Logic" - where health meets shopping, seen
      FEATURED SPEAKER                          on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) Canada.

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