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Advance Planning: Your Voice Matters
                              Ray Biggs, BA, BSW, PBD Dip, Gero – Alberta Health Services
                              Lincoln Mar, BSc, LLB; Wendy Florence, PGR – Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee

                              Living well includes communicating what is important to you and being prepared for the future.  All
                  Hinton  Centre
                  North Salon   Albertans  are  encouraged  to  plan  for  their  financial  and  personal  decision-making  needs  in  the
                              event  of  becoming  incapable.    Fore  the  more  immediate  future,  you  are  also  able  to  provide
                              advance instructions that guide your healthcare team about the general focus of your care, and
                              where you might want that care.  This session is designed to provide information on how capable
                              adults can legally appoint someone to represent their values and wishes as required.  Knowing who
                              will speak on your behalf, should you be unable to, contributes to peace of mind for everyone.

                              Behaviours as a Form of Communication in Dementia and Advice for Interpreting
                              Shawna Reid, MN, RN, GNC (C) – Seniors Health Strategic Clinical Network ™
                              Rose Merke, RN, BScN – Health Link, Alberta Health Services

                              Following an overview of current and future dementia-related demographics, responsive
                              behaviours will be explained as communication by people with dementia – that as they lose typical
                  Hinton  Centre
                  South Salon   means of communication (i.e. verbal) and they express their needs, wants and displeasures using
                              what we see as behaviour (for example, aggression and wandering).  As caregivers, our focus is to
                              interpret their behaviours in order to fulfill their needs and improve their quality of life.  Common
                              strategies, suggestions, and ways to investigate behaviours will then be provided in the context of
                              case studies.  Lastly, Dementia Advice through Health Link, which can improve caregivers’
                              confidence and ability to care for their loved ones with dementia, will be highlighted.

                  5:00 p.m.
                  Hinton Centre  Closing Remarks
                  Grand Hall

                  5:05 p.m. -   Networking Reception: Hinton Centre
                  6:00 p.m.   A light snack will be offered while you network.
                  Hinton  Centre  Cash Bar will be open.
                  Grand Hall
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